The Art of Being a Doula (Gallery 1 of 3)

Ink blots2

Angel Sketch #2; magic marker 2014

Here begins a series of gallery posts. The artwork displayed, created by moi, represents a kind of pictural documentation of my life evolving to become a ‘doula’. Each piece emerged  from an unconscious as much as a conscious place that I could have never predicted. The timeline starts in childhood and is ongoing to be sure. Each piece of art posted has a story to tell about who I am, how I see the world and interact/want to interact with it. A picture says a thousand words, right? These picture stories are non-linear – with layers we perceive all at once and then break a part in pieces, just the same, to try to make sense of all that we see. Most of life is non-verbal reality, even pre-verbal, and this is an important factor in living lives fully aware of what life is really worth. 





The People I Love; pencil 1984



it’s Not Fair;pen and ink 1990


Lunch; charcoal 1992


Unchain My Soul; pastels 1992


Joy; pastel painting 2003


Hope: pastel painting 2009


Longing; pastel painting 2018


Siloam; pastel painting 2018


Childlike; pastel painting 2018


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