No More Radio Silence

Blossom 1

Hello friends, family, subscribed readers, inhabitants of the universe…Cleveland,

What a long strange trip the last few months have been. Between complete computer failure, major home renovations, health issues and the routine daily grind, March was madness. I’m coming back up for air now and dialing back into the things I love – like sharing through words and pictures my observations, insights and celebration of the world around us and inside us.

Stay tuned for new posts in the near future. April 25 – May 1, I’ll be posting a week series of daily prayer opportunity to consider and practice. Later this week will feature an intriguing post highlighting the historical and theological function of music in our lives. I’m also working on new art to post along the way. Yay!!

It actually feels like spring where I am and I can see new things blooming all around me and in me…so, cheers to new life! Sip some iced tea on your stoop and enjoy.

Image reference: Blossom 1 fresco finger painting by Jamie Wasson 2012


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